Friends of OCM Student-Athlete Scholarship

High School Senior Student-Athletes Eligible for Friends’ Scholarships

Senior student-athletes at the four Oshkosh High Schools are eligible to apply for two $1,000 scholarships to be used in the second semester of their freshman year at college or technical school.   Oshkosh Media and the Friends of OCM sponsor the scholarships.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Students nominated for the Student-Athletes of the Year award program must be 1) from Oshkosh Lourdes, Oshkosh North, Oshkosh West or Valley Christian 2) a senior graduating on his/her appropriate career schedule and 3) a varsity-level athlete in one of the WIAA sanctioned sports. Special consideration will be given by the selection committee to those student-athletes who:   a) participated in multiple sports and/or achieved a great level of success during their high school athletic career   b) participated in other school-based activities / programs / departments   c) maintained a high level of academic status compared to fellow graduating seniors from within his/her school  d) contributed in an outstanding manner to the community through service projects, public commitments, etc. and e) exhibited high personal standards (i.e. honesty  integrity, etc.) in all manners. The applicant must have served, throughout the duration of his/her high school career, as a positive role model for his/her fellow students.

APPLICATION – This application must be accompanied by:
      1. Signed verification of cumulative GPA through the 2012-2013 school year by the student-athlete’s counselor or on-site school records clerk
      2. Student essay
      3. Letter of recommendation from the school’s principal, counselor, athletic director, teacher, or coach
      4. Sportsmanship Statement signed by a varsity sports head coach
STUDENT ESSAY – In order to determine how well the student expresses himself/herself, The Friends of OCM require a short essay on a different topic each year.  The essay must be written in the student’s own words (maximum length of 500 words), be submitted on its own page and accompany the scholarship application packet.

DEADLINES – The student-athlete should deliver a completed application to his/her counselor, athletic administrator/director and/or principal for review. APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 15.   Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

JUDGING – The judging of applications and selection of winners will be conducted by a committee organized by the Friends of OCM. Awards will be given out only if a sufficient number of applications are received prior to the deadline. Finalists will be notified prior to their appearance on “Oshkosh Today.”

FINALISTS AGREE TO AN INTERVIEW on “Oshkosh Today,” which is broadcast on Oshkosh Media Life TV, Oshkosh FM 101.9 FM, and Oshkosh Media YouTube channel.

AWARDS - each scholarship finalist will receive a certificate of recognition. The certificate will be awarded at the time of the “Oshkosh Today” taping. The two student-athletes of the year will be awarded scholarships in the amount of $1,000 per person. The scholarships will be awarded after the selected student-athlete completes one semester at an accredited university or technical college.


Oshkosh Media
RE: Student-Athletes of the Year
215 Church Avenue
Oshkosh, WI. 54901
2018 Friends of OCM
Student-Athletes Finalists

Blake Framke

Libby Neveau

Gabrielle Gauthier

Dylan Konop

Ben Huizinga

Zach Janotha

2017 Friends of OCM
Student-Athlete of the Year

2017 Scholarship Winners

Trevor Schulte

Mariah Nelson

Addie Schmitz

Trevor Schulte

Mariah Nelson

Jack Sitter

Reagan Beyer

The 2016 Friends of OCM
Student-Athlete Scholarship Winners

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Applicants and Finalists 
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